Emovi Partners Pairs up With Olympic Gold Medalist Bruny Surin to Launch

Emovi’s Athlete Support Program

 The new program is designed for Canadian athletes to improve explosiveness, endurance, control, and stability as they prepare to compete on the world stage

Montreal (January 14, 2021) – Emovi, Inc. announces the launch of its new program for Canadian athletes in collaboration with Gold Medal Olympian Bruny Surin. The Athlete Support Program invites athletes to integrate Emovi’s flagship device, the KneeKGTM, into their training to evaluate their lower body biomechanics to drive improved performance in areas such as explosiveness, endurance, control, and stability.

“As a former athlete, I am proud to associate myself with Emovi and this project. One of the downsides of intense training is the impact on an athlete’s knees. In order to protect the knee during powerful movements, it is imperative to maintain strong biomechanics and alignment, allowing athletes to maintain or increase performance and avoid the risk of injury”, said Bruny Surin, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist and Spokesperson for Emovi.

“The knee is an anatomically and biomechanically complex joint. We recognize that knee health is an essential consideration for athletic success and that lower body biomechanics can significantly impact performance,” said Michelle Laflamme, CEO of Emovi. “Injuries due to sports like anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) injury, meniscus injury, and sciatic nerve injury can take an athlete out of the game they love and lead to knee osteoarthritis later in life – one of most common causes of disability.”

Continued Laflamme, “Through all of our studies, we have seen how a Knee Kinesiography with KneeKG can not only get athletes back to their sport more quickly after an injury, but the data derived can also pinpoint misalignments on a healthy knee and support efforts to prevent a knee injury altogether. We are thrilled to be working with Bruny to launch this program – his expertise and personal experience in training, elite athletics, and experience with the KneeKG will be invaluable to athletes looking to perform at their best.”

A Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKG is a brief in-clinic exam that accurately and objectively assesses the knee’s movement in three dimensions (3D) while the athlete walks on a conventional treadmill. The computerized assessment based on AI/Machine Learning provides valuable clinical data about the knee’s dynamic alignment and mechanical deficits. The KneeKGTM software extracts objective data to report new mechanical biomarkers related to knee pathologies and risk factors. In contrast to static information provided by X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), KneeKG quickly identifies the biomechanical and functional deficits linked to pain and instabilities of an orthopedic cause such as those associated with knee osteoarthritis, anterior knee pain, and ligament injuries. By providing a functional and objective knee assessment with a higher correlation to the symptoms, the KneeKG enables the clinician or trainer to develop a more focused treatment plan to significantly improve the athlete’s quality of life, pain, and functional limitations.

“The KneeKG exam allowed my health specialists and I to have a better understanding of the function of my knee on a daily basis. With objective data, concrete action can be taken to promote my knees health and the sustainability of my professional career,” said, Mélé Temguia, professional soccer player with FC Edmonton.

Emovi’s Athlete Support Program will offer:

  • Knee Kinesiography performed on both knees (45 minutes)
  • Analysis of the data and associated recommendations
  • Personalized follow-up as required throughout training and preparation

For more details on this program, please contact Marie-Pier Haineault at mphaineault@emovi.ca


About Emovi Inc.

Headquartered in Montreal, Emovi is a medical device company that develops products for knee joint assessment to restore the patients’ quality of life. In partnership with the Quebec university research community, including the CRCHUM, École de Technologie supérieure (ÉTS), and TELUQ, Emovi completed the development of the KneeKG, a unique clinical tool evaluating knee functional deficiencies linked to patients’ symptoms and pathology progression. Emovi owns multiple patents and the exclusive worldwide license to commercialize KneeKG. http://emovi.ca

The KneeKG is FDA indicated for appropriate assessment of the 3D knee motion for patients who have impaired movement functions of an orthopedic cause.  It is intended to provide information used for physical evaluation and treatment planning purposes.