Emovi, Inc. Announces Partnership with Sports Illustrated as Key Sponsor for The Sports Illustrated Awards

Laurent Duvernay

Montreal, Canada (December 07, 2020) – Emovi, Inc., a global medical device developer, today announced a partnership with Sports Illustrated as a sponsor of the 2020 Sports Illustrated Awards (SI Awards) The SI Awards will take place in Las Vegas on December 19. Viewers can stream the primetime broadcast live via the Sports Illustrated Facebook page beginning at 7:00 PM ET . The award ceremony will feature special presentations, musical performances, and honor this year’s top athletes.

Sports Illustrated’s annual Sportsperson of the Year has spotlighted greatness inside and outside the competitive arena since the award’s inception in 1954. As a partner of the event, Emovi’s sponsorship will highlight Kansas City Chiefs Right Guard, MD, and KneeKGTM ambassador Laurent Duvernay-Tardif’s achievements both on and off the field as he is presented with the Sportsperson of the Year award.

KneeKGTM is the first in-clinic device that enables healthcare professionals to accurately, objectively, and in real-time assess a patient’s knee(s) in 3D while the patient is moving and weight-bearing. In contrast to static information provided by X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), KneeKG quickly identifies the biomechanical and functional deficits linked to pain and instabilities of an orthopedic cause such as those associated with knee osteoarthritis, anterior knee pain, and ligament injuries.  By providing a functional and objective knee assessment with a higher correlation to the symptoms, the KneeKGTM enables the clinician to develop a more focused treatment plan to significantly improve patients’ quality of life, pain, and functional limitations.

“Sports Illustrated has set a high standard for athletes to achieve this award, and we are thrilled to contribute to this program,” said Michelle Laflamme, CEO, Emovi, Inc. “This platform gives Emovi a distinct opportunity to emphasize the core message of our collaboration with Laurent and address the need for technological advancements and the adoption of preventive measures to address the millions affected by knee pain worldwide. In sports alone, knee injuries account for 41% of all injuries, and rapidly increasing in prevalence is knee osteoarthritis, a disabling joint disease. The KneeKGTM goes beyond the current standard of care by providing clinicians with real-time, quantifiable data that objectively and accurately assess dynamic knee function to prevent or rehab knee pain and injuries.”

“The institution of Sportsperson of the Year is central to Sports Illustrated’s legacy and we are thrilled to welcome Emovi as a sponsor,” said Corey Salter, COO and Group President of Entertainment, ABG.

Emovi’s sponsored segments will feature Laurent Duvernay-Tardif’s achievement on the field as a 2020 super bowl champion and his accomplishments off the field on the front lines fighting COVID.

Continued Laflamme, “Laurent’s successes are awe-inspiring, and we are honored to highlight his accomplishments both on and off the field as.”

Duvernay-Tardif joins only three other Canadians who have been honored as Sportsperson of The Year.


About Emovi Inc.

Headquartered in Montreal, Emovi is a medical device company that develops products for knee joint assessment to restore the patients’ quality of life. In partnership with the Quebec university research community, including the CRCHUM, École de Technologie supérieure (ÉTS), and TELUQ, Emovi completed the development of the KneeKGTM, a unique clinical tool evaluating knee functional deficiencies linked to patients’ symptoms and pathology progression. Emovi owns multiple patents and the exclusive worldwide license to commercialize KneeKGTMhttp://emovi.ca

The KneeKGTM is FDA indicated for appropriate assessment of the 3D knee motion for patients who have impaired movement functions of an orthopedic cause.  It is intended to provide information used for physical evaluation and treatment planning purposes.

About Sportsperson of the Year

The most prestigious honor in all of sports media, Sportsperson of the Year is an annual award given to an athlete, coach, or team who best represents the spirit and ideals of sportsmanship, character, and performance. SI’s Sportsperson of the Year has spotlighted greatness inside and outside the competitive arena since the award’s inception in 1954. The honorees comprise one of the most exclusive and elite groups in sports and American culture. SI’s Sportsperson of the Year event will present honors including SI SportsKid of the Year, The Muhammad Ali Legacy Award, Breakout of the Year, and SI Sportsperson of the Year. Past SI Sportsperson of the Year recipients includes Megan Rapinoe. J.J. Watt, Jose Altuve, LeBron James, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, the Golden State Warriors, and the 1999 U.S. Women’s National Soccer team.

For more information, visit si.com/sportsperson.

Laurent Duvernay