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KneeKG™ System
Identify & Quantify Biomechanical Dysfunction

Who are we?

Headquartered in Montreal, Emovi is a medical device company that develops products for knee joint assessment to restore patient quality of life. In partnership with the Quebec university research community, including the CRCHUM, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and TELUQ, Emovi completed the development of the KneeKGTM. The society owns multiple patents and the exclusive worldwide license to commercialize KneeKG™ System.

knee kinesiography, Emovi, KneeKG
knee kinesiography, Emovi, KneeKG

Our mission

At Emovi, our mission is to transform the musculoskeletal health care landscape by developing products at the cutting edge of technology, in order to allow the population to age while remaining active and healthy.

What is Knee Kinesiography?

Knee Kinesiography is a knee exam to identify and address the causes of knee pain with the right information!

  • Knee pain is correlated to mechanical deficits;
  • X-rays of knee and MRIs can inform clinicians about the structure of the joint; however, a patient’s pain is correlated with dynamic movement patterns, not static imaging​.

Want to obtain more information?

Emovi, behind the KneeKGTM System

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A clinical exam with the KneeKGTM System, a reliable way to:

  • Understand what is happening with the patient’s knee to better identify causes of symptoms;
  • Help patients play an active role in managing their problem – providing visual aids to increase understanding of their knee function and deficits.
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Who is the Knee Kinesiography for?

KneeKGTM is indicated for the appropriate assessment of 3D knee motion for patients who have impaired movement functions of an orthopaedic cause. It is intended to provide information used in physical evaluation and treatment planning purposes.

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KneeKGTM System is to the knee what an EKG is to the heart.

It demonstrates exactly how the knee joint is functioning.
The KneeKGTM assessment provides clinical insight to the root causes of knee symptoms for patients with:

  • Knee osteoarthritis;
  • Ligament injuries;
  • Anterior knee pain;​
  • And other forms of knee problems, including residual pain after surgery.​
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Where can I have a Knee Kinesiography?

To see the list of clinics offering Knee Kinesiography for your knee exam.

KneeKGTM is the first in-clinic device that meets the global need for dynamic alignment and knee assessment.

This innovative medical device evaluates knee function deficiencies linked to patients’ symptoms, knee injuries and pathology progression (markers). These biomechanical markers are identified from the raw KneeKGTM measurements, which are the 3D kinematics of the knee. They include flexion/extension, varus/valgus, internal/external rotation.

You are a Clinician and would like to learn more about the Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKGTM?

You are a clinician and wish to integrate Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKG™ system into your practice:

  • To make a more precise diagnosis of the causes of knee pain; and
  • Personalize the therapeutic approach specific to your patient

Knee misalignment is recognized in clinical practice guidelines to influence disease progression and patient symptoms. Current medical practices use X-ray and CTs, along with manual (visual) observation to diagnose knee diseases. However, human visual perception is influenced by the assessment environment. Many other factors can influence the perception of misalignment by clinicians.

The results of a knee assessment with the KneeKGTM System offer objective, quantifiable and actionable information about knee function for designing an efficient care pathway. It identifies mechanical deficiencies known to be a key factor in the development and progression of knee pathologies and those caused by specific injuries or complications.

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Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKGTM System can assess:

  • Knee function
  • The impact of an injury on the knee joint function;
  • Mechanical biomarkers linked with the development and progression of knee pathologies;
  • The impact of treatments/surgery on the knee joint function.

The results of a Knee Kinesiography with the KneeKGTM System enables the healthcare provider to rapidly:

  • Gain an understanding of the root causes of a patient’s symptoms and how to manage the problem efficiently with objective data.
  • Create a “patient specific” treatment plan which better enables achieving full, functional recovery, rather than simply treating the pain.
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What does KneeKGTM measure?

The KneeKGTM System assesses 3D knee kinematics (3-dimensional knee movements) in dynamic and weight-bearing conditions. More specifically, KneeKGTM System identifies and measures biomechanical injuries related to the progression and symptoms of various knee pathologies and/or trauma.

These injuries are identified from the raw KneeKGTM System measurements, which are the 3D kinematics of the knee and include:

  • Flexion/Extension;
  • Varus/Valgus;
  • Internal/External tibial rotation.

The KneeKGTM algorithms then analyze the data automatically and identify evidence-based Mechanical Biomarkers. The KneeKGTM System is a clinical resource that generates immediate results in the form of a written report, which includes visual aids.

1996 Olympic Gold Medalist

4x100m // Winner of 5 Medals at World Athletics Championships

“It’s an extraordinary device for anyone experiencing knee pain. KneeKGT’ provided my doctor and physiotherapist pertinent information so they could personalize a treatment plan with effective exercises and a correction to my orthotics. My knee pain went from 10/10 to 0-ZERO! I am now back to my activities. I want to get old…, but pain free!” – Bruny

Bruny Surin

#76 Offensive Football Guard for the Kansas City Chiefs

2020 Super Bowl Champion Graduate in medicine (McGill University)

Laurent Duvernay

“With the results of the Knee Kinesiography, I integrated the recommended specific therapeutic plan to my training program,” said Duvernay-Tardif. “It has been 100% effective, and I’m back on the field without knee pain! Two months before the Super Bowl, I was at the peak of my performance” – Laurent